Posted by Peter on 24th June 2009

Maths Worksheet: Rounding Decimals p1

rounding-decimals-y5-p1Rounding decimals follow the same rules as rounding whole numbers. This first maths worksheet looks at rounding tenths to the nearest whole number. If the tenths are 5 or more round up to the next whole number. If they are less than 5, round down; in other words keep the units the same.

Some children get slightly confused by the term ’round down’ as they think they have to make the units one less (ie 14.3 rounded is 13). Watch out for this mistake.

In real life different rules can apply eg if you have a cupboard 115.4 cm in length it is no use rounding this measurement down to see if it fits in a space. The space may be 115 cm but the cupboard won’t fit!

Rounding decimals (tenths) pg 1

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