Posted by Peter on 6th July 2009

Maths Worksheet: Year 5 Order Decimal fractions

order-decimal-fractions-y5-p1By year 5 children should be getting familiar with numbers with two decimal places. Money is the obvious example, but they should also be using these numbers out of the context of money. The main development is with the use of the second digit after the decimal point; the hundredths.

When writing a number such as 4 hundredths it is important to include both zeros in the units and the tenths: 0.04. The zero is placed in the units to make it easier to see that it is a decimal fraction; otherwise the decimal point might be missed and the number read as 4.

Probably the hardest question on this page is the last, to write a number between 0.9 and 1.

Whilst some children will deny that it is possible, there are, of course, millions of possible answers, but usually we would expect children to keep to writing hundredths e.g. 0.92 or 0.94.

Order decimal fractions y5 p1

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  1. chloe says:

    hi could you send me lots of maths sheets so i can do some of them thankyou

  2. Peter says:

    Unfortunately I can not send out worksheets – it would cost too much to print and post. Why not try some by looking at them on the screen and writing answers on paper. Good luck.

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