Posted by Peter on 5th October 2009

Maths worksheet: Days in Months of the Year

days-and-monthsRemembering how many days there are in any particular month is a challenge for many adults, yet alone children. There is of course the rhyme, ’30 days hath September’ etc, which is included in full on the worksheet but I prefer the ‘knuckle version’ where you can use the knuckles and dips on your hands to work out the number of days.

Starting with the left hand, little finger knuckle as January, move to the dip between knuckles for February, next knuckle for March and so on until you reach July as the last knuckle (don’t use thumbs!) on the left hand and then continue with the first finger knuckle on the right hand for August, next dip for September etc. Which months have 31 days? All those that are on a knuckle! Easy!!

This page can be found in the Year 4 Measures section of the site.

Days and months

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