Posted by Peter on 13th October 2009

Year 4 Maths Worksheet: division problems (pg 1)

division-problems-y4-pg1Solving division problems ‘in your head’ can often prove to be tricky and a good knowledge of tables and multiplication facts is needed.

Here we have a set of questions all involving mental division.

There are a number of different skills which can be used to answer them. For example, dividing by 4 can be achieved by halving and halving again. Dividing £1 between 5 involves converting the £1 into 00p first.

Perhaps the trickiest question asks how many 10 cm lengths of wire can be cut from 156 cm of wire; of course there will be some left over, which in the context of the question can be ignored.

Division problems to calculate mentally (pg 1)

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