Posted by Peter on 16th November 2009

Percentage worksheet for Year 5

y5 percentage_1_large

This percentage worksheet looks at finding percentages of amounts of money or measurements. A key factor in being able to do this type of question is to be able to work out 10% of an amount mentally. Of course, 10% is equivalent to dividing by 10, so is easy to work out. Once 10% has been calculated it is then straightforward to work out 20% or 30% etc. To find 30%, divide by 10 to find 10%, then multiply the answer by 3 to find 30%.

There are also certain percentages that children should know the equivalent fractions of: 50% is a half, 25% is a quarter and 75% is three quarters.

AnotherĀ  important concept is that 100% is the whole amount: although footballers will say they gave 110% or more, mathematically this would be untrue!

Percentages_(pg 1)

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