Posted by Peter on 25th March 2010

Year 5 maths worksheet: Percentages

A straightforward introduction to finding 10% off multiples of 10p up to a pound. This can be done in two stages:

Firstly: find 10% of the total. As these are all multiples of ten this is straightforward – just divide the amount by 10.

eg 10% of 50p is 5p

Secondly: subtract from the original amount.

50p subtract 5p is 45p.

However, if you have some really nifty mathematicians they might spot that if you multiply the 5(tens) by 9 you get 450p and divide by 10 to get 45p (or simply multiply 5 by 9). This is a case of finding 90% rather than finding 10% and subtracting from 100%. Tricky, eh?

10 percent off

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