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Posted by Peter on 30th November 2010

Year 5 Maths Worksheets Counting and Understanding Number

Our Counting and Understanding Number section for year 5 is growing quickly and we now have about 40 well written pages on this section. There is help with reading and writing larger numbers, including partitioning 5 digit numbers and writing numbers up to millions, which always proves tricky for children. There are also worksheets on […]

Posted by Peter on 29th November 2010

Year 2 maths worksheet: Christmas decorations

Here we have a  festive maths worksheet suitable for year 2 or 3. How much will the Christmas decorations cost? The cost of the decorations are all whole tens of pence so this is good practice at adding multiples of 10. With the later questions, which involve adding four multiples of ten it might be […]

Posted by Peter on 26th November 2010

Year 5 maths worksheet: negative numbers

Children are most likely to come across negative numbers when using a calculator and they are usually taught about them in a practical sense in the context of measuring temperature. Number lines are also very helpful as they show that numbers continue after zero when counting down. Here we have a maths worksheet, suitable for […]

Posted by Peter on 24th November 2010

New Education White Paper

I knew that it wouldn’t be long before the present government wanted to stamp its authority on education by bringing in new reforms, and here they come! One of the main targets is discipline and they hope that by encouraging school uniforms, house systems and prefects that a back to basics approach will improve disciple. […]

Posted by Peter on 24th November 2010

Year 2 maths worksheets: Calculating

In Year 2 children will be calculating using the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division symbols. Their understanding of addition will develop as they begin to add a 1-digit number to a 2-digit number as well as beginning to answer written addition questions. (This is not the same as using written methods.) Developing efficient mental methods […]

Posted by Peter on 23rd November 2010

Year 5 maths worksheet: addition

One of the things which children find quite hard to do is to set out a question in the best format. In the Key Stage 2 tests addition problems are rarely, if ever, set out in the standard form that children learn. This page tries to help with the addition of two 3-digit numbers. The […]

Posted by Peter on 22nd November 2010

Year 3 maths worksheet: more division practice

Here is a follow up page to that published earlier, giving more practice with simple division. If children have a good knowledge of the 2x, 4x, 5x and 10x tables they should find these quite straightforward. The only potentially tricky ones are where the missing number is in the middle of the number sentence eg […]

Posted by Peter on 19th November 2010

Year 2 maths worksheet: multiplication

One of the targets for year 2 children is to represent repeated addition as multiplication. certainly, one of the best ways of explaining multiplication is to think of it as repeated addition. So, a multiplication such as 4 x 3 is the same as adding 4 three times (4 + 4 + 4) or 3 […]

Posted by Peter on 18th November 2010

Year 5 maths worksheet: written addition

By the end of year 5 children should be confident with written methods of addition. This worksheet is a stage in this process. Some of the questions are set out how they should be. The later questions need to be set out in the same way. It is important to make sure that units are […]

Posted by Peter on 17th November 2010

Katharine Birbalsingh: making children responsible

Katharine Birbalsingh has certainly caused a stir in Education circles with her views on what is the best way to help children succeed. She states that the education system is broken, because it keeps poor children poor by making excuses for them. She believes that certain values are important, including being responsible for yourself and […]