Posted by Peter on 30th December 2010

Written method of addition

The Primary Framework for Mathematics uses a variety of methods to explain written addition in years 3 and 4, but by Year 5 it is expected that children know and understand how to use the standard method, which is exactly the same method that most parents learnt when they were at school.

The key to success is to line up the numbers to be added under each other so that the units line up, then the tens and then the hundreds. This will also apply when decimals are introduced. By keeping to 2 sets of 3-digit numbers this place value idea is re-inforced. It also really helps if children know, off by heart, all the answers to adding 2 single digits together – you would be surprised to know how many children are still using their fingers to add single digit numbers because they have never learnt them!

This is the second in our series of written addition pages. More worksheets can also be found in our Four Rules section.

3 digit addition (2)

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