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Posted by Peter on 31st August 2011

Year 5 maths worksheet: multiplication and division hops

Each of the questions on this page has two sets of coloured arrows above the spaces which need to be filled in. The arrows give the instruction, red for multiplication and yellow for division. There are eight hexagons, one of which has been filled in. The aim is to complete the other seven using the […]

Posted by Peter on 29th August 2011

Long multiplication: 3-digits by 2-digits

A standard page of long multiplication questions here. For children to be successful with these they need to have a good knowledge of ‘times tables’. Without this knowledge the whole process becomes quite tedious and errors can slip in even if the method is correct. The standard method of long multiplication is one which most […]

Posted by Peter on 19th August 2011

Year 2 Measurement

Great progress is made in year 2 with measuring. Much of the work still concentrates on comparisons between different lengths, heights, weights and capacity but standard units of measurement (such as centimetres and metres) are also introduced. Units of time are also introduced, including seconds, minutes, hours and days and the relationship between them. Reading […]

Posted by Peter on 17th August 2011

Resource of the Week: Writing larger numbers

Writing large numbers in words is not easy but by the end of year 5 many children will be confident enough to read numbers in the millions. In the past, in the UK, a billion has been considered as a million million, but in the USA a thousand million has been thought of as a […]

Posted by Peter on 15th August 2011

Year 3 mental arithmetic: sets 15 and 16

Here we continue with our sets of mental arithmetic questions, suitable for Year 3 children. This week the questions concentrate on the two, five and ten times tables as well as some money questions. The money questions look at how many coins are needed to make totals. Expect quite a fast response to these questions […]

Posted by Peter on 11th August 2011

Maths SAT Paper A 2010: Questions 5 and 6

Here are the latest questions and answers taken from the Maths SAT Paper A 2010. Question 5 is a straightforward time question, putting four lengths of time in order, starting with the shortest. Look for the shortest length of time and put that down first. It is a good idea to cross that off so […]

Posted by Peter on 10th August 2011

Year 3 mental arithmetic: Sets 13 and 14

Two more sets of mental arithmetic questions suitable for Year 3 children. There are plenty of word problems this week which some children find much harder than just being given a sum to work out. Perhaps one of the hardest types of question is the’ finding the number half way between’. Another tricky type of […]

Posted by Peter on 8th August 2011

A study of maths achievement in the UK, led by Carol Vorderman, has a number of interesting points to make. Firstly it claims that  there is a systematic failure in the subject, with 300 000 children leaving school at 16 unable to function efficiently with maths in their personal lives or at work. Many pupils […]

Posted by Peter on 8th August 2011

Year 5 Maths Worksheet: More In Out Function Machines

I have had several requests from people for another page of In Out tables, so here it is. Each table has a set rule. A number goes in, the rule is applied and a number comes out. Straightforward if you are given the number that goes in, but a little harder if you are given […]

Posted by Peter on 5th August 2011

Year 1 money worksheets

Children in Year 1 need plenty of practice with counting coins and adding up totals. There are several worksheets in the Year 1 calculating section which are ideal for this. One shows mixed amounts of coins yo to 10p pieces to count. The second looks at how much change should be given from 10p when […]