Calculating: Year 1 maths worksheets

Calculating: Year 1 maths worksheets

These worksheets look at the early stages of calculating with small numbers, in particular addition and subtraction. An important part of this is learning the meaning of the many phrases which mean ‘add’ or ‘subtract’.

A Maths worksheets on understanding addition

Adding small numbers (pg 1)

Adding small numbers (pg 2)

Adding two numbers (pg 1)

Adding two numbers (pg 2)

Two numbers to make a total (pg 1)

Two numbers to make a total (pg 2)

Dice: 3  in a row addition game


B Maths worksheets on understanding subtraction

Early subtraction

Understand ‘Take … from …’ (pg 1)

Understand ‘Take… from …’ (pg 2)

Use the subtraction sign (pg 1)

Use the subtraction sign (pg 2)

How many are left?

C maths worksheets on understanding multiplication

Understand the multiplication sign

D Maths worksheets on Money

Money problems (p1)

Change from 10p

How many ways of paying 8p?

E Halving

Halving small numbers (Christmas)

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