Posted by Peter on 2nd September 2011

KS2 Maths 2010 Paper A Questions 7 and 8

Two more questions from the KS2 Maths 2010 Paper A, with answers and suggested method of answering.

The first question is a straightforward subtraction calculation. It is worth one mark and no extra marks are given for showing the working out. There are several ways of doing this: I would do it mentally by adding on from 192 to 200, which is 8.

Then going from 200 to 336 is 136.

Finally adding the 8 to the 136 making 144.

Of course, it can be done using the standard written subtraction method, or any other way that the child feels confident with.

The second question is just as straightforward.Hexagons are 6 sided shapes, but do not need to have all the sides the same length; pentagons are 5 sided shapes. Only one mark for each question and all the shapes need to be identified to gain the mark ie B and F for 8a. and C, D and G for 8b.

Questions 7 and 8 Paper A 2010

Questions 7 and 8 Paper A answers

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