Posted by Peter on 12th June 2012

Daft Draft National Curriculum changes in maths

Well, I was going to let this pass by with no comment, but on reading it I  am becoming more and more certain that it has been written by idiots who last visited a primary school in 1961.

Firstly, it expects children to ‘use a compass to draw circles and arcs with a given radius’ in year 3. Hard enough with a pair of compasses but impossible with a compass which I use to find directions!

Secondly, children will have to learn tables up to 12, although we did away with 12 pence to a shilling many, many years ago. Whilst I have no problem with children knowing this I fail to understand why they need it.

Thirdly, ‘childen’ are no longer mentioned; they have become impersonal ‘pupils’ throughout.

Oh, and why has addition and subtraction of money suddenly become part of measurement and not part of addition and subtraction?

Rant over.

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  1. Thomas Pitts says:

    More of a concern to me was the discussion in the preamble about adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions… I know many teachers in the primary sector who wouldn’t be able to do that let alone teach it. The further up you go, the more insane it becomes. Using a pair of compasses is not a high priority in Year 6 even right now as it has never been needed to be done in a Year 6 SAT test… I suspect that won’t be the case in future…

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