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Posted by Peter on 28th December 2012

Year 3 maths: adding with 2013

Knowing how much I like anything mathematical to do with dates, those kind people at have let me publish a nifty little investigation to introduce the new year of 2013. It is a simple idea; how many different addition questions can you find by just using the four digits, 2013. At first it would […]

Posted by Peter on 14th December 2012

Resource of the Week: Christmas maths activities

It’s getting very close to Christmas now and with many activities going on in school why not try a little Christmas maths as well? This page is quite an open ended challenge as all the possible combinations of presents need to be found. There are four items with prices; a set of beads for £2, […]

Posted by Peter on 7th December 2012

12.12.12 an interesting date

Those of you who have followed the site for some time will know that I enjoy the quirky dates which come up from time to time, and we have a really good one next week; on 12th December 2012 the date can be written as 12.12.12. On the 12th second of the 12th minute of […]

Posted by Peter on 3rd December 2012

Year 4 maths worksheet: suggesting suitable units to measure

By year 4 it is important that children have a good understanding of the units used to measure and what kind of unit would be sensible to estimate or measure length, mass or capacity. They should be able to respond to questions such as; ‘About how heavy is a tennis ball?’ or ‘Would you expect […]