Resource of the Week: Christmas maths activities

It’s getting very close to Christmas now and with many activities going on in school why not try a little Christmas maths as well?

This page is quite an open ended challenge as all the possible combinations of presents need to be found. There are four items with prices; a set of beads for £2, a box of chocolates for £3, a bag for £5 and a bottle of perfume for £7.

The task is to find as many different combinations of presents that can be bought for up to £10. The key here is that the whole £10 does not have to be spent.

So 3 sets of beads and a box of chocolates is one possibility, costing £9 in total.

As usual, look for well a well organised logical approach.

This page can be found in the year 4 Using and Applying Maths category.

Christmas presents


Resource of the week: Christmas adding puzzle

Looking at my stats I can see that everyone is very busy with Christmas assemblies, shows, shopping, eating, drinking etc so I will shortly be joining you all and have a few days off. I will leave you with a little puzzle in case you have nothing better to do!

Put the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in the bottom layer of baubles on the Christmas tree. The next layer is made by adding the pairs of numbers below and so on up to the top.

The numbers on the bottom row can be put in any order – what order will give the highest possible total at the top?

Answer is given for those who have eaten too many mince pies.

Happy Christmas

Christmas adding puzzle

Year 1 maths worksheet: Christmas halving

From time to time it’s nice to have a topical maths worksheet and here is one for year 1 at Christmas time.

The ability to double and halve numbers quickly is a great strategy to have at your fingertips as it can help later with all sorts of calculations. Here we have a year 1 page which looks at halving small even numbers. The theme is Christmas and there is lot’s of drawing! You might like to give a separate piece of paper so that the drawings can be done larger than on the sheet; or it could be very useful as a whiteboard activity.

Whilst I do not have a great many Christmas pages or a separate category for this I do know that urbrainy have an increasing number of them for the whole primary age range. A small selection are available absolutely free at:

Halving small numbers (Christmas)