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Posted by Peter on 28th February 2013

Resource of the week: Money and place value

Money is a great way to reinforce place value with decimals. For example in the total £3.45 the digit 4 has a value of 4 tenths or 40p. Money makes it very easy to show tenths (a 10p coin is one tenth of a pound) and hundredths (a one pence coin is one hundredth of […]

Posted by Peter on 25th February 2013

More year 4 measurement word problems

Following the publication of our first set of measurement word problems for year 4 we have had several requests for some more: so here is the second page. The questions cover a range of measurements, including converting centimetres to metres  and working with millilitres, grams and even miles. Space is given to write the answers, […]

Posted by Peter on 21st February 2013

Resource of the Week: Year 2 symmetry

Folding to create symmetrical patterns is a popular past-time in schools, but understanding reflective symmetry can be quite tricky. These maths worksheets for year 2  ask children to colour the correct spots on the other side of the line of symmetry to make sure that the shape is symmetrical. Pegboards are a useful aid to […]

Posted by Peter on 18th February 2013

A Maths Challenge: 12 to 15

I have not put up many challenges and investigations recently so I thought I would redress this over the coming weeks with some fun and challenging tasks. Using and Applying Maths has been a cornerstone of the Primary Framework for Mathematics and these kinds of activities are important in making children think through a problem […]

Posted by Peter on 14th February 2013

Resource of the Week: percentages

This week’s resource of the Week highlights the second of our percentages worksheets for Year 5. It is typical of the English that we manage to write per cent in two different ways. Unlike the Americans who use percent we use two words per cent, apart from when we write percentage when we put it […]

Posted by Peter on 11th February 2013

Using a number square in year 2

Here we have one page from a selection found in Year 2 which looks in detail at a 1-100 number square and is excellent practice at understanding place value as well as counting. We often take it for granted that children can count up to 100 easily, but in fact many children are not at […]

Posted by Peter on 7th February 2013

Resource of the week: Valentine’s Day Maths

Looking through the range of resources it occurred to me that Valentine’s Day is coming up shortly. Sometimes it’s nice to have a change and special occasions such as Valentine’s Day allows us to do this. Here we have a maths worksheet suitable for Year 3 children with a Valentine Day’s theme. It is a […]

Posted by Peter on 4th February 2013

Year 6 money problems

There are not many questions on this page but they are tricky with some requiring several stages to answer. They are all to do with money and involve addition, multiplication and division. As a preview to answering SAT questions this page asks for all working out to be shown and tips on the answer page […]