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Knowing Number Facts: Year 4

Y4 Knowing and Using Number Facts

Children should have a good knowledge of addition and subtraction and identify the doubles of 2-digit numbers. They should know their multiplication facts up to 10 x 10. They should be able to identify pairs of fractions that total 1. More on this can be found in the Four Rules section.

AUsing knowledge of addition, subtraction and place value

Rapid resonse: add and subtract (pg 1)

Rapid response: Add and subtract (pg 2)

What must be added? (pg 1)

What must be added? (pg 2)

What must be added? (pg 3)

Add 19 to any 2-digit number

BUse known number facts and place value to add or subtract

Adding a single digit (pg 1)

Adding a single digit (pg 2)

Revise adding to 50

Revise adding to 60

Complete number sentences (pg 1)

Complete number sentences (pg 2)

Subtract a single digit from whole hundreds

Subtract single digit (2)

Add 29, 39, 49 to any 2-digit numbers

Addition practice

D Use known facts to multiply, double and halve

Double multiples of 5 and halve multiples of 10

Multiply 2-digit multiples of 10 (pg 1)

Multiply 2-digit multiples of 10_(p2)

6x table calculator game

7x table calculator game

E Use known number facts to divide

Division problems to calculate mentally (pg 1)

Division problems to calculate mentally (pg 2)

Divide by 10 and 100 (1)

Divide by 10 and 100 (2)

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