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Maths online whizz education

whizzWhizz education. Claiming to be the leading UK online maths tutor for children aged between 5 and 12. Started in 2006. Whizz say that it is just like having your own private tutor at home for as long as you like, although they recommend only 45 minutes a day.

The lessons are in the form of animations, inspiring children and giving help when they don’t understand a concept.

There are over 1100 animated lessons covering different abilities and ages, all the topics your child has to learn at school. The games are bright and colourful, although some move at rather a pedestrian pace and may not suit older children.

As well as the lessons each child has a ‘bedroom’ which they decorate, alter and add rewards using a virtual ‘shop’.

There are demos and games for kids to try out.

They do an initial assessment of a maths age, rather like a reading age, and there is a money back guarantee if improvement based on this assessment does not occur over the full year.

The cost? £27.50 a month or £269 for unlimited access for a year.

This is at the top end of pricing on the internet and there is a lot there. As with all internet online services they are much cheaper than a private tutor.

7 out of 10 site worth visiting

7 out of 10 ease of use

6 out of 10 value for money

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