Folens Maths for the Less Able: software review

Folens: maths for the less able

folens.GIFFolens: Maths for the less able

This series of four files is aimed at children between 7 and 11 who don’t find maths easy. Generally, they address the needs of children who are about two years below the average for their age group and they do this quite well.

The packs consist of lesson plans for two lessons a week, resource sheets, follow up ideas and printable worksheets. The photocopiable pages do look rather dull, but that might be due to an attempt to take away age related graphics – not a bad idea.

Obviously from a well established publishing company they are well written and have plenty of good ideas. At £49.99 for each set of files they are good value for teachers but a little expensive if you want to use at home.

5 out of 10Interest

6 out of 10Maths content

5 out of 10Value for money

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