Free Y1 and Y2 maths worksheets: Counting on and back.

Counting on and back free resource

This is the very first of many free worksheets which will be available via this blog. We have exclusive rights to the worksheets which will soon be available as a small part of the site – opening later this summer.

These first four worksheets are aimed at year 1 and year 2 children aged about 4 to 6 years old. They are in pdf format and can be downloaded and printed for home use.

Use the links on this page, or go to the year groups at the top of our home page.

As children begin to learn the number names they will also need a lot of practice at counting sets of objects. There are many opportunities to do this during the day with real objects.

It is worthwhile making a collection of objects, ask the children to count them and then rearranging them and asking them to count again. It will take some children a little time for them to realise that the number of objects has not changed – to begin with they will keep re-counting the set.

Keep asking questions – what number comes before 3? What number comes after 6 etc. etc.

By year 2 children should be gaining confidence with counting on in ones, starting from numbers in whole tens, but still below 100.

Click below for:

For year 1(5-6 years old):

Count in steps of 1 (pg 1)

Count in steps of 1 (pg 2)

For year 2 (6 to 7 years old):

Count in steps of 1 (pg 1)

Count in steps of 1 (pg 2)

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