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Primary ResourcesPrimary Resources Gareth Pitchford

Free maths stuff for 5 to 11 year olds produced in Word, pdf, Powerpoint and Flash! Can’t be bad!!

Primary resources is another of those UK sites which has been around a long time (9 years), increasing its content on a regular basis. Designed for teachers, it aims to develop a resource bank for teachers contributing their own ideas – in return everyone gets free access to the material. Parents are more than welcome to use the material.

It covers all subjects but has a significant maths section, and as the resources have been added by teachers, they are up to date with recent thinking, following what is currently taught in the classroom.

Most of the maths resources are worksheets in a variety of formats, mostly Word or pdf but there are also some Flash games, often provided by Gareth Pitchford, the originator of the site.

Because this is a large collection of resources provided by a large number of people, the quality does vary and answers are not always given. You will need quite some time to browse what is available, but it could prove very worthwhile. I like this site because it has kept to the original principle of providing free resources on the web.

Gareth does recommend that you consult your child’s teacher to check that the material is suitable, and of course, if you have any contributions he would be delighted. If you use this site please take due regard of the copyright.

7 out of 10Interest

5 out of 10Ease of use

8 out of 10Maths content

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