Mathmania 2: software review

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Mathmania 2MathMania 2

An upgrade to the best-selling maths revision title ‘MathMania’. Children have to find their way through a variety of mazes. On their way they have to answer questions on number, shape, measurement, including time and angle. Correct answers gain points which allow obstacles (doors) to be passed. Points also allow progression to the next maze. As well as this there are a number of traditional maths puzzles such as Towers of Hanoi, which encourage logical thinking. Some of the mazes do have a lot of doors to pass through before completion, although this can be simplified as there are control features which allow for choice of level and type of topic to be faced.

Compared to some educational games, graphics are quite good, but not up to the standard of the latest computer games.

Not too sure about the educational worth as there is a lack of sustained practice of any particular concept. Probably better as a way of re-inforcing work previously covered or as a reward for competing other work. Not the best buy for home schoolers looking for real practice and consolidation.

Price from Topologika Education is £25.52 ex VAT

6 out of 10Interest

5 out of 10Maths content

5 out of 10Value for money

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