Sarsen Education Software:Worksheet Review

SarsenSarsen Education

One of the sites launched at the Bett Exhibition was Sarsen Education and I was hoping for big things from them. However, I have been somewhat disappointed. Despite some interesting graphics which children would really like, the program I looked at was not very original and costly. Continue reading “Sarsen Education Software:Worksheet Review”

Number Gym: software review

Number Gym: software review

Number Gym graphic19/30 Number Gym

Number Gym aims to improve children’s mental skills and understanding and has some unique features. There are two CDs evaluated here:
1.Bond Builder and Table Trainer
numbergym2graphicBond Builder starts with sets of coloured dot patterns which can be counted or added. There is a circle of numbers around the outside, in the middle the set of dots. Drag the sum onto the correct answer on the outside circle of numbers. Timed with a best score facility.
Table Trainer is similar. Activities get harder as the tables get harder – eg on early games the set of numbers remain the same. On later games the values in the circles change. Also extension eg from knowing 7 x 6 = 42 to knowing 0.7 x 600. Continue reading “Number Gym: software review”

Sums at home: software review

Sums at home: software review

sums at homeSumsathome: a series of 6 CDs for children between 5 and 12. The level 3, 4, 5 and 6 CDs each contain 16 activities, whilst levels 1 and 2 only contain 8. For example the level 3 CD contains activities on tables, division, doubling and halving, surveys , tables and pictograms, Carroll diagrams, multiples and number sequences, odd and even numbers, grouping in tens, directions, symmetry, co-ordinates and patterns. They have not been updated to meet the new requirements of the Primary Framework for maths.

Activities are displayed very well in a bright clear format. The interface is straightforward and easy to use, but the games tend to be very slow moving. The children I worked with on the level 3 CD enjoyed doing the first sum or activity but soon became irritated whilst waiting for the next question to materialise: eg the numbers for a division sum take a long time to move along pipes before the question can be answered. If this was put on an interactive whiteboard in a classroom where the teacher is talking about the questions this slow pace would not be so noticeable.

Only available from the above website, £29.95 each for the level 3 to 6 CDs makes these expensive for what they are and there are better CDs on the market covering much the same material. They do offer a money back guarantee so you can make your own mind up and postage and packing are included in the price.

4 out of 10Interest

7 out of 10Maths content

3 out of 10Value for money

Teaching Tables: software review

Teaching Tables: software review

Teaching TablesTeaching Tables by Primary Games Ltd
Tables, tables, tables, the nightmare for so many parents whose children just don’t seem to ‘get’ them. Founded by Mark Cogan, an ex teacher, this is one of a collection of CDs or downloads aimed mainly for schools but could be very useful for home use. It contains both games to play and worksheets to print, all aimed at improving knowledge of tables. There are 5 games: Continue reading “Teaching Tables: software review”

Maths worksheets: Rounding to the nearest million. Y6

Rounding to the nearest million

countingLarger numbers can be rounded in just the same way as rounding hundreds or thousands, always referring to the digit below the one you want to round.

Eg rounding to a million, look at the hundred thousand digit:

2 345 456 is rounded down to 2 000 000 (two million) to the nearest million because the hundred thousand digit is only 3.

2 987 654 is rounded up to 3 000 000 (three million) to the nearest million because the hundred thousand digit is 9.

Children are often fascinated by large numbers and there are plenty of good sources in geography, such as population figures, areas of countries etc

6201-03 Rounding to the nearest million (pg 1)

6201-04 Rounding to the nearest million (pg 2)

Bear and Penguin’s Big Maths Adventure: software review

Bear and penguinBear & Penguin’s Big Maths Adventure

White Bear and Little Penguin lead children across the ice to tackle maths games including counting problems and simple sums. Aimed at younger children, aged 5 to 7 it concentrates on early addition and subtraction. The games are entertaining and suit the age range, with three levels for each activity. It is recommended that the games are played in order as they are progressive, although the tasks do not get too hard – sticking to addition and subtraction to 20. Lots of rewards and incentives plus a timed Super game to play when the other games have been completed.

One of a series of Bear and Penguin CDs, published by Dorling Kindersley who have a good record for producing educational software, it is typical of their software and includes the usual extras, such as a printing section where birthday cards etc can be made.

There is a good parental guide which includes some follow up worksheets.

Graphics are good and it is easy to play.

In conclusion, good all round, but it is a little limited in scope. If you are looking for a straightforward enjoyable CD where children can practice their addition and subtraction then this will do nicely. First published in 2000 I have graded it on value for money on prices available at Amazon etc under £10.00.

7 out of 10
Maths content
6 out of 10
Value for money
7 out of 10

Mathmania 2: software review

maths software for home

Mathmania 2MathMania 2

An upgrade to the best-selling maths revision title ‘MathMania’. Children have to find their way through a variety of mazes. On their way they have to answer questions on number, shape, measurement, including time and angle. Correct answers gain points which allow obstacles (doors) to be passed. Points also allow progression to the next maze. As well as this there are a number of traditional maths puzzles such as Towers of Hanoi, which encourage logical thinking. Some of the mazes do have a lot of doors to pass through before completion, although this can be simplified as there are control features which allow for choice of level and type of topic to be faced.

Continue reading “Mathmania 2: software review”

Jojo in Numberland: software review

maths review of jojo in numberland

jojo in numberland graphicJojo In Numberland – Multiplication & Division

Help! Jojo has lost Bobbin and he needs to get him back from the evil kidnapper, Shiver!

Great idea, great animations and incredibly loud sound! Correct answers gain rewards. Rewards lead to more fun surprises.

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