Maths worksheets: Describe 2D and 3D shapes. Y2

Describe 3D shapes, Describe 2D shapes

shape13D shapes are all around us. Use opportunities to discuss shapes as you come across them in everyday life at home. Just think – clocks, bath plug, holes in the road, fencing posts, pencils, DVDs, plenty of gardening ideas etc.

Take care to use the correct vocabulary: 3D shapes have ‘faces’. ‘edges’ and ‘corners’ (later called vertices). Do not use the word ‘side’ with 3D shapes. 2D shapes have ‘corners’ or ‘angles’ and ‘sides’.

Include as much practice as you can at filling 3D shapes with sand or water and pouring from one to another. This helps with the appreciation of volume, but the handling of the shapes reinforces the curvature or angularity of different shapes. Always make this fun!

More ideas on the two worksheets here.

2501-01 Describe 3D shapes

2501-02 Describe 2D shapes

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