Maths worksheets: Pictograms. Y4

Maths worksheets: Pictograms Year 4

data 1Plenty of progress is expected with data handling during Stage 4. By the end of the year children should have a good understanding of, and be able to spell, these words:

Vote, survey, questionnaire, data, count, tally, sort, set, represent, table, list, graph, chart, diagram, axes, label, title, most common or popular.

One of the most difficult concepts for them is the pictogram. This will be the first time that they come across a symbol which represents more than one item (eg. one stick person represents 10 people). Help is often needed in pointing out that the picture means ten people, not just one and that half a stick person represents 5 people. They should be able to interpret and answer simple questions about pictograms.

4701-01 Interpreting a pictogram (pg 1)

4701-02 Interpreting a pictogram (pg 2)

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