Sums at home: software review

Sums at home: software review

sums at homeSumsathome: a series of 6 CDs for children between 5 and 12. The level 3, 4, 5 and 6 CDs each contain 16 activities, whilst levels 1 and 2 only contain 8. For example the level 3 CD contains activities on tables, division, doubling and halving, surveys , tables and pictograms, Carroll diagrams, multiples and number sequences, odd and even numbers, grouping in tens, directions, symmetry, co-ordinates and patterns. They have not been updated to meet the new requirements of the Primary Framework for maths.

Activities are displayed very well in a bright clear format. The interface is straightforward and easy to use, but the games tend to be very slow moving. The children I worked with on the level 3 CD enjoyed doing the first sum or activity but soon became irritated whilst waiting for the next question to materialise: eg the numbers for a division sum take a long time to move along pipes before the question can be answered. If this was put on an interactive whiteboard in a classroom where the teacher is talking about the questions this slow pace would not be so noticeable.

Only available from the above website, £29.95 each for the level 3 to 6 CDs makes these expensive for what they are and there are better CDs on the market covering much the same material. They do offer a money back guarantee so you can make your own mind up and postage and packing are included in the price.

4 out of 10Interest

7 out of 10Maths content

3 out of 10Value for money

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