Year 5 Maths worksheet: More equivalent fractions

more-ordering-fractions-p1Here we have some more work on understanding equivalence in fractions.

The first question looks at simple equivalence between halves, fifths, tenths etc and asks which fractions are less than a half. The quick way to work this out is to see if the top number (numerator) is less than double the bottom number (denominator) – if it is then it is less than one half.

The second question requires an understanding that a fraction such as four fifths can be changed to an equivalent fraction such as eight tenths by multiplying both the numerator and denominator by the same number (in this case 2, but it will not always be 2). All the fractions need to be changed to the same denominator which in this case would be 30.

The other questions are all aimed at improving understanding of equivalence.

More ordering fractions

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