Year 4 maths worksheet: Word problems involving time

It’s not easy finding maths worksheets on topics such as word problems involving time, but here is a follow up page to one published earlier this year, suitable for Year 4 on.

One type of problem involves counting in minutes, with questions such as:

Dan started to walk to school at 7.50. He took 50 minutes. What time did he arrive at school?

Children often find working these out quite tricky, although usually the best way to do them is to count on. In this case I would add on one hour and then take 10 minutes off.

The second type of question involves days and months of the year, such as:

Alfie went for a fortnight’s holiday on 23rd July. On what date did he return from holiday? In this case it would be worthwhile pointing out that he would return on the same day of the week as he left and that travel companies really mean 14 nights rather than 14 days. A tricky one!

It also means that the number of days in a month need to be known.

Solve problems with time (2)

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