Year 4 maths worksheet: easy or not?

Here is a very different page of maths. We all  know that some subtractions are harder than others, even if the numbers are of a similar size, but why? Our worksheet asks children this very question, and hopefully they will be able to give some sensible reasons.

When it comes to written subtraction some children will always write down the difference between the two digits on the top and bottom lines. Sometimes this is correct (if the digit on the top line is bigger), but often it is not correct (if the digit on the bottom line is bigger) as ‘decomposition’ is needed to work out the answer. This page should show whether children are aware of this.

The second part of the page asks children how they would set about tackling a question; note this does not mean that the correct answer has to be worked out, just a correct method. It will show a great deal about children’s thinking and confidence.

This can be found in our Using and Applying Maths section of Year 4 maths worksheets.

Easier or not

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