Problem Solving Worksheet for Year 4

There are only 5 questions on this page but some children will find it quite difficult. The main reason for this is that they will have to work back from the answer to find the starting number. This will often mean reversing the operations, subtracting where it says add, halving where it says double etc.

This is a god test of children’s knowledge of the relationships between addition and subtraction, doubling and halving and multiplication and division.

Two of the harder questions come at the end, because they involve carrying out two processes to reach the answer. For example:

‘I am a 2-digit number. My digits total 10 and have a difference of 2. Who am I?’

This involves finding 2 digits which have a total of 10 (2 and 8, 3 and 7 etc) and then checking that the difference between the two digits is 2.

6 and 4 will solve the problem so there are two possible answers: 46 or 64.

Solve problems: Who am I?

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