Year 4 maths worksheet: more on time

By the end of year 4 it is expected that most children will be confident with reading the time but this is not always the case and this worksheet is a follow up to one published in April. It looks at reading the time using a 12 hour clock.

The first set of questions looks at writing times in digits, using the convention of separating the hours and minutes by a colon.

The second set of questions looks at writing times in words. Of course we can often do this in more than one way, and this can be confusing for children. For example: ‘5:50 can be said as ‘five fifty’ or ‘ten to six’. Interestingly we generally do not use minutes to the next hour for any time before the half hour. It sounds rather strange to say ’40 minutes to six’, although this is technically correct.

A favourite type of question in the SAT Papers is to ask what time it will be a quarter or half an hour before/after a given time. The last set of questions gives a little practice with this.

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