Useful resources: 1 to 100 number grid

Having a browse round the site I noticed that there is not very much in the Useful Resources section so I thought it was about time I added some! A number grid (often called a number square) from 1-100 is a very useful resource, especially when used for counting and looking for patterns. An obvious use is to help children count up in ones to 100, but it can also be used for more complex counting.

For example, counting in threes and colouring each third number will give an interesting diagonal whilst counting in fives will produce two vertical lines. Do them both on the same grid will show which numbers are divisible by both 3 and 5 e.g. 15 and 30.

Number grids such as this can also be used as an aid for addition and subtraction.

Go to 1-100 number grid

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