Standard written method for adding decimals

Here we have a very straightforward page of addition questions with decimals. All the numbers use 2 decimal places, so it is very similar to adding money. I have also kept to adding just two numbers so this page is ideal for children who are getting to grips with the standard method of addition.

The only real cause for problems is the decimal point and it is vital that this is written in the answer in line with the other decimal points. The first 9 questions have already been laid out in the correct way but the last three need to rewritten.

Later children will need to add numbers where the number of digits after the decimal point varies eg. 26.4 + 1.78 and it will help enormously if the are confident with how to set them out.

The speed of answering this type of question depends on how well number bonds (eg 5 + 6) have been learned ‘off by heart’.

Standard method of adding decimals

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