Primary Resources: web review

Primary Resources for maths review

Primary ResourcesPrimary Resources Gareth Pitchford

Free maths stuff for 5 to 11 year olds produced in Word, pdf, Powerpoint and Flash! Can’t be bad!!

Primary resources is another of those UK sites which has been around a long time (9 years), increasing its content on a regular basis. Designed for teachers, it aims to develop a resource bank for teachers contributing their own ideas – in return everyone gets free access to the material. Parents are more than welcome to use the material.

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NRICH maths club: web review

nrichNRICH maths club Celebrating ten years online this site started well and has continued to grow, now claiming to be the largest maths site online. It includes a huge variety of free resources.

A real winner, especially if you have a bright child who enjoys investigating maths for the fun of it. Activities include puzzles, problem solving, investigations and games to play against the computer. A wide range of topics are included but the best way to get started is to look at this month’s edition and try some activities. For this June the main theme is angles and triangles, with trig for older pupils.

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Whizz Maths online – web review

Maths online whizz education

whizzWhizz education. Claiming to be the leading UK online maths tutor for children aged between 5 and 12. Started in 2006. Whizz say that it is just like having your own private tutor at home for as long as you like, although they recommend only 45 minutes a day.

The lessons are in the form of animations, inspiring children and giving help when they don’t understand a concept.

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