Resource of the Week: Handling data wordsnake

This is known as a wordsnake, and is rather like a maze. Start at the arrow to find the first word, moving across or down, but not diagonally, rather like a snake. The word will not be in a straight line so might be quite tricky to find, although the first word (survey) has been given to make it a little easier.

The second word follows on immediately from the first; the third word from the second and so on until each letter in the grid has been used once. The last letter of the last word is where the arrow exits the maze.

Write the words down in the spaces provided. The number of dashes shows how many letters are in each word. The initial letters of the second and third words have also been given.

All the words in this wordsnake come from the vocabulary lists for Year 4 Handling Data.

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Year 4 Wordsnake: Handling Data vocabulary



Maths puzzles

With Christmas rapidly approaching and the unit plans finished for the term it is a great time to try out some maths puzzles which lead to a better knowledge of the subject and an improvement in logical thinking.

There are some great games and puzzles on the site for all aged children. The word searches are all on the themes of maths vocabuary and the maths wordsnakes are a challenge even for adults. These are also ideal for wet breaks and lunchtimes, or a dreary wet afternoon at home!

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