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Posted by Peter on 24th July 2007

Maths worksheets: Making lists. Y2

Maths worksheets: Year 2 Making lists

Posted by Peter on 23rd July 2007


hangman maths game for primary school children

Posted by Peter on 23rd July 2007

atschool: web review

atschool review

Posted by Peter on 23rd July 2007

Free Y1 maths worksheets: Making lists.

free maths worksheets making lists

Posted by Peter on 22nd July 2007

News: Such short summer holidays

Our children have the shortest summer holidays in the European Union. So say the BBC. Whilst our children have about 6 weeks holiday some schools on the continent shut for up to 16 weeks! Add this to the fact that our children start school at a much younger age than most Europeans the question must […]

Posted by Peter on 21st July 2007

Maths worksheets: Converting units of measurement. Y6

Converting imperial units

Posted by Peter on 20th July 2007

Maths worksheets: Imperial and metric units. Y5

The first of these maths worksheets looks briefly at Imperial measurements of length, mass and capacity. These terms are still widely used by older people in the UK but all schools predominately use metric in the classroom. The second maths worksheet looks at accurately measuring lines to the nearest cm. These pages have been produced […]

Posted by Peter on 19th July 2007

News: Ban the long summer holiday!

“The summer holiday is one of the worst innovations in the history of education. It is a pernicious beast that must be slain immediately.” So thinks Conor Clark in the Guardian Education today. He argues that the long summer holiday cripples learning. The first few weeks of the new autumn term is spent going over […]

Posted by Peter on 19th July 2007

Maths worksheets: Standard units of measurement. Y4

Maths worksheets: Y4 Standard units of measurement

Posted by Peter on 18th July 2007

Maths worksheets: Problems with miles. Y3

Maths worksheets: miles