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Posted by Peter on 31st January 2011

Year 4 subtraction

This page of mental arithmetic subtraction is most suited to year 4. The first 8 questions are straightforward subtractions of a single digit from a multiple of 100. By year 4 children should be quite confident with these, although there are several different approaches which can be taken to reach the answer. For instance: 300 […]

Posted by Peter on 28th January 2011

Year 6 SATs questions

January is usually the time when schools start looking seriously at the Key Stage 2 tests and what needs doing to get the best possible scores. Our Year 6 ‘Booster’ pages can help a great deal with this. Part of this resource looks in particular at time, with lots of questions matching those found in  […]

Posted by Peter on 27th January 2011

Year 3 maths worksheet: money

This is the second page on reading train prices and working out the costs of single and return journeys. The numbers are slightly harder on this page and jottings could be helpful, especially on the questions which require two  steps to reach an answer. When working out the amount of change given it is often […]

Posted by Peter on 26th January 2011

Mr Wolf’s Week by Colin Hawkins

Mr.Wolf’s Week Mr Wolf’s Week by Colin Hawkins is an old favourite and one of the best versions is the mini-pop up. In this book the wolf is not very threatening, perhaps almost friendly in appearance.  It is a brightly coloured book which leads you through a week in the life of Mr Wolf. He […]

Posted by Peter on 25th January 2011

Year 6 Booster worksheets

January is the time of year that many parents and teachers start to look for extra resources for children to use in preparation for the KS2 tests. This page is one of several imitating the style of the test questions, once again concentrating on place value and the knowledge that addition and subtraction are inverse. […]

Posted by Peter on 24th January 2011

Year 3 maths worksheet: Using correct units of measurement

Here is something slightly different from the usual maths worksheet. It is a diary of events which assesses how well children understand units of measurement and whether they can choose the most suitable unit or not. The units include: time: seconds, minutes, hours, days capacity: millilitres, litres length: centimetres, metres, kilometres Children have to circle […]

Posted by Peter on 21st January 2011

Old school methods better for learning?

Two studies recently published in the Science Journal would suggest that a couple of ‘old fashioned’ methods of learning are more effective than many of those used today. Firstly, a study from the University of Stavanger suggests that writing things down rather than by typing helps with learning. Our brains receive more feedback from muscles […]

Posted by Peter on 20th January 2011

Year 3 maths worksheets: Know Number facts

Year 3 is a time when children make huge strides forward in their mathematical thinking, as long as they have got a secure background knowledge. With over 20 pages to choose from, our worksheets in the Know Number Facts reflect this development. We have worksheets on knowing addition and subtraction facts with numbers up to […]

Posted by Peter on 19th January 2011

The Shopping Basket by John Burningham

The Shopping Basket (Red Fox picture book) The Shopping Basket by John Burningham is a great little book which will be thoroughly enjoyed by young children whilst at the same time helping them with counting and subtraction. Steven is a little boy who is asked by his mum to go round to the local corner […]

Posted by Peter on 18th January 2011

Year 5: Relate fractions and division (pg 2)

This is a good example of the worksheets we have for year 5 on fractions and division. Only six questions on this worksheet, but plenty of important concepts, which children often find very tricky to understand. Firstly, that division can be represented as a fraction, and, of course, a fraction can be thought of as […]