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Posted by Peter on 8th August 2012

Maths worksheet: the triple jump

The Triple Jump is a fascinating event, combining great athleticism with co-ordination. Originally known as the hop, step and jump it is an excellent activity to carry out with children using a standing start rather than a run up. The American, James Connolly was one of the early competitors, winning in Athens in 1896. Triple […]

Posted by Peter on 6th August 2012

More subtraction using the standard method

I have had several requests for another page of subtracting 2-digits from 3-digits, a worksheet that was published about a month ago. So here it is! The benefit of the worksheet is that the questions keep to fairly small numbers but increase in difficulty and can show clearly whether children have fully grasped the standard […]

Posted by Peter on 3rd August 2012

Resource of the Week: Weather chart

It’s lovely and sunny here and the Olympics are well under way, so what better than a weather chart to brighten the day even further! This worksheet shows a weather graph of the average maximum and minimum temperatures for each month of the year for London and shows just why August is a pretty good […]

Posted by Peter on 1st August 2012

Long jump maths worksheet

One of the great athletic competitions is the Men’s Long Jump. It has been a part of the athletics events since their beginnings. It demands a combination of speed, power and lift. As with the Women’s Long Jump, the rules are strict; for example no part of the foot must land over the board and […]