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Using and Applying Maths: Year1

Using and Applying Maths

Number stories are a good way to get children using numbers and talking about them. Investigations which ask, ‘How many ways can you….?’ are also excellent at getting children to work with numbers and show what they know.

A Choose and use appropriate number operations

Making number stories (pg 1)

Making number stories (pg 2)

Making number stories (pg 3)

Making number stories (pg 4)

Making number stories (pg 5)

Making number stories (pg 6)

B Solve mathematical puzzles and investigate

Solve puzzles and investigate (pg 1)

Solve puzzles and investigate (2)

Investigate ways of scoring 6 with dice

Investigate ways of scoring 8 with dice

Solve simple word problems

How many ways?

How many ways?

Solve puzzles and investigate

Solve mathematical problems: two more than

Snowflake numberĀ  investigation

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