Posted by Peter on 27th July 2007

Maths worksheets: Probability. Y5

data 1Probability brings with it a whole new set of vocabulary and concepts. By the end of year 5 children should be familiar with the following terms:

perhaps, might, fair, unfair, likely, unlikely, equally likely, chance, certain, uncertain, probable, possible, impossible, good chance, poor chance, no chance, equal chance, even chance, evens, fifty-fifty chance, likelihood, probability, possibility.

The two worksheets below concentrate on children being able to say whether events are impossible (such as cows giving birth to hens), unlikely (such as tossing a die and getting a 4), likely (such as waking up tomorrow) or certain (such as throwing a normal die and getting a number from 1 to 6). Finding events which are either certain or impossible are often much harder than you might think.

5701-01 Probability (pg 1)

5701-02 Probability (pg 2)

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