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Posted by Peter on 31st August 2012

Resource of the Week: probability as a fraction

Probability does cause some confusion with children, partly because it can be expressed in several ways and because it is very hard to find events which are absolutely certain to happen, or not happen. One way of displaying the probability of an event is as a percentage: for example, there is a 50% chance of […]

Posted by Peter on 29th August 2012

Year 3 maths worksheet: adding three numbers

Here we have a simple page which looks at adding three multiples of ten to make a variety of whole hundreds. It is quite open ended as there are many possible answers and the page could be repeated several times or used as the starting point for a mini investigation. The page could be answerred […]

Posted by Peter on 27th August 2012

Standard written method for adding decimals

Here we have a very straightforward page of addition questions with decimals. All the numbers use 2 decimal places, so it is very similar to adding money. I have also kept to adding just two numbers so this page is ideal for children who are getting to grips with the standard method of addition. The […]

Posted by Peter on 24th August 2012

Useful resources: 1 to 100 number grid

Having a browse round the site I noticed that there is not very much in the Useful Resources section so I thought it was about time I added some! A number grid (often called a number square) from 1-100 is a very useful resource, especially when used for counting and looking for patterns. An obvious […]

Posted by Peter on 22nd August 2012

Calculating in Year 2

In Year 2 children will be calculating using the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division symbols. Their understanding of addition will develop as they begin to add a 1-digit number to a 2-digit number as well as beginning to answer written addition questions. (This is not the same as using written methods.) Developing efficient mental methods […]

Posted by Peter on 20th August 2012

Divide 3-digit numbers by 6

This is a short division page which concentrates just on dividing 3-digit numbers by 6. Short division, as its name suggests is a shortened version of the long division method where subtractions and remainders are done mentally. The key to answering these is to have a set speech for the process. For example: 6)457 ‘How […]

Posted by Peter on 17th August 2012

Resource of the Week: Bar charts

Now we are coming on to more familiar territory for most people when we think of graphs: the bar chart or bar graph. Here the vertical bars represent the number of people going out on a boat. Each bar is completely separate from the others. It is important that children get used to naming the […]

Posted by Peter on 15th August 2012

Counting and Number in year 2

A great deal is expected of children by the end of Year 2 and we have some great maths worksheets to help them on their way. By the end of the year children are expected to read and write 2-digit numbers in figures and words, describe and extend number sequences and recognise odd and even […]

Posted by Peter on 13th August 2012

Short multiplication (multiplying by 3)

Today I have published a page of multiplication questions which can be used to reinforce knowledge of the 3 times table as well as practising the short method of multiplication. it is called the short method because it does not involve writing to answer to each part of the question on a new line and […]

Posted by Peter on 10th August 2012

Resource of the Week: Completing number squares

This week we are highlighting a Year 2 worksheet on number squares. This is our second in a series for year 2 children where they have to complete the missing numbers in a 100 square. Some of the squares have been removed from the rectangles which, curiously, seems to make this task harder than when […]