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Posted by Peter on 5th December 2013

New Maths Curriculum: Year 2 Addition and Subtraction

Year 2 Addition and subtraction The emphasis is on mental arithmetic this year, as children become fluent and confident adding and subtracting small numbers. The statutory requirements for Year 2 Addition and Subtraction are: Pupils should be taught to: •    solve problems with addition and subtraction: using concrete objects and pictorial representations, including those involving […]

Posted by Peter on 24th October 2013

New Maths Curriculum: Year 1 Addition and Subtraction

Let’s look at the new targets for year 1 addition and subtraction; children will be expected to work with larger numbers! Addition and subtraction Pupils should be taught to: •    read, write and interpret mathematical statements involving addition (+), subtraction (-) and equals (=) signs •    represent and use number bonds and related subtraction facts […]

Posted by Peter on 5th September 2013

Resource of the week: year 1 investigate addition

Welcome to a new term and plenty of new maths material coming up over the next few months. From our current resources here is a nice little investigation for young children which will show how well they can organise their thinking and work in a logical way. The question is simple: how many different ways […]

Posted by Peter on 4th April 2013

Resource of the Week: written addition

Written methods of calculating continue to prove to be some of the more popular pages on the site. This week I would like to highlight a Year 5 maths worksheet on written addition which is the second in a series showing children clearly how addition should be laid out and also giving them the opportunity […]

Posted by Peter on 2nd January 2013

More adding three 2-digit numbers mentally

I have had a number of requests for more on adding three 2-digit numbers mentally, so, here is another page. There are a number of different techniques which can be used when adding these and it certainly would not be the best way to proceed to just add them in the order they appear. Looking […]

Posted by Peter on 28th December 2012

Year 3 maths: adding with 2013

Knowing how much I like anything mathematical to do with dates, those kind people at have let me publish a nifty little investigation to introduce the new year of 2013. It is a simple idea; how many different addition questions can you find by just using the four digits, 2013. At first it would […]

Posted by Peter on 21st November 2012

Resource of the Week: year 4 multiplication and addition

This week we are highlighting an important part of year 4 maths which looks at the order of operations. The rule is that multiplication should be worked out before the addition and in most of these questions that is fairly straightforward. However the questions towards the end are quite tricky. Let’s look at 70 + […]

Posted by Peter on 5th October 2012

Written method for adding 4-digit numbers

Addition of two 4-digit numbers is usually done on paper,using the following standard method: The method is to add the units first, put the units in the answer, and ‘carry’ the ten into the tens column. Then add the tens and continue in the same way into the hundreds and finally the thousands. So, looking […]

Posted by Peter on 19th September 2012

Year 3 maths worksheet: adding 3 numbers

Here we have another page of addition which looks at adding three numbers. Each number is a multiple of 5, but there is an extra twist in that children need to work out how many different additions can be made from the numbers available. A systematic approach is needed, perhaps starting with the largest three […]

Posted by Peter on 27th August 2012

Standard written method for adding decimals

Here we have a very straightforward page of addition questions with decimals. All the numbers use 2 decimal places, so it is very similar to adding money. I have also kept to adding just two numbers so this page is ideal for children who are getting to grips with the standard method of addition. The […]