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Posted by Peter on 19th December 2013

New Maths Curriculum: Year 2 Fractions

Fractions are seen as a completely separate area now, rather than being within Number or Division and Fractions. The statutory requirements for Year 2 Fractions : Pupils should be taught to: •    recognise, find, name and write fractions 1/3, 1/4, 2/4 and 3/4 of a length, shape, set of objects or quantity •    write simple […]

Posted by Peter on 7th November 2013

New Maths Curriculum: Year 1 Fractions

Fractions is a brand new category for Year 1: in the past this was part of the division section. The statutory requirements for Year 1 Multiplication and Division are: Fractions Pupils should be taught to: •    recognise, find and name a half as one of two equal parts of an object, shape or quantity •   […]

Posted by Peter on 26th September 2012

Resource of the Week: Find tenths and hundredths

This week we take a look at a worksheet on the relationship between fractions and division. It is important that children understand that finding one half of a number is equivalent to dividing by 2, that finding one tenth of a number is the same as dividing the number by 10 and to find one […]

Posted by Peter on 9th March 2012

More on equivalent fractions

Equivalent fractions are fractions which look different but have the same value. The easiest example of equivalent fractions is a half and two quarters. If I have half of a fruit cake that is the same as having two quarters of the same cake. (As long as I pick up all the crumbs from cutting […]

Posted by Peter on 28th October 2011

Year 6 maths worksheet: Adding fractions

One of the big stumbling blocks in maths is working with fractions, especially addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The problem is caused by a lack of understanding of what a fraction actually means and how they can be manipulated to make the task easier. (Equivalent fractions being the key.) A common fault when adding fractions […]

Posted by Peter on 4th July 2011

Year 6 Equivalent Fractions

Here is another page of equivalent fractions. One part of each pair of fractions is missing and the missing numerator or denominator needs to be entered. Remember, equivalent fractions are fractions which have the same overall value. One interesting way to check whether two fractions are equivalent is to carry out a couple of multiplications; […]

Posted by Peter on 22nd June 2011

Year 6 Maths Worksheet: Equivalent fractions

Understanding equivalent fractions is at the heart of understanding how fractions work. Much work needs to be done in earlier years to show that fractions such as 1/2 and 2/4 have the same value. This is usually done by colouring or shading parts of rectangles, circles. Two fractions which are equal in value we say […]

Posted by Peter on 6th May 2011

Year 6 maths worksheet: adding fractions

My first addition of fractions page was very popular and I have had  several requests for more, as it does take some time and re-inforcement to get the hang of this concept. I believe that adding fractions is one of the hardest topics for children to understand, mainly because it involves so many steps. Remember, […]

Posted by Peter on 21st March 2011

Year 5 ordering fractions

Fractions always seem to cause problems for children who are less confident with their maths, often because they do not get enough practice with ordering and comparing fractions. This worksheet compares sixths and thirds by placing them in order on a number line as well as asking whether statements are true or false. A good […]

Posted by Peter on 16th November 2010

Year 4 maths worksheets on fractions

Fractions form an important part of the maths for Year 4 children (aged 8/9) and often it turns out to be one of the hardest to get to grips with. One important aspect of this is to identify equivalent fractions (in other words, that a half is the same as two quarters or four tenths […]