Counting and Number: Year 4

Y4 Counting and Understanding Number

Children should be able to partition, round and order 4-digit numbers. Negative numbers should be used in context or on a number line. Tenths and hundredths should be used as well as recognising equivalent fractions for one half, quarters, tenths and hundredths. Ratio and proportion is also introduced.

A Read and write whole numbers

Read and write numbers up to thousands


Partition into ThHTU (pg 1)

Partition into ThHTU (pg 2)

Partition into ThHTU (pg 3)

Partition into ThHTU (pg 4)

Read and write larger numbers

B Counting on, more and less than

Count on whole tens

Count on whole hundreds (pg 1)

Counting around the thousands

Counting around hundreds and thousands: More or less

Counting in steps of 6,7,8 and 9

Counting in steps of 50 or 25_(1)

Counting in steps of 50 or 25 (2)

More than and less than (pg 1)

More than/less than (pg 2)

Ten more than/less than (pg 1)

Ten more than/less than (pg 2)

100 more than/less than (pg 1)


C Fractions

Tenths of rectangles (1)

Tenths of rectangles (2)


Find fractions of numbers (pg 1)

Decimal fractions: tenths (pg1)


Order decimal fractions (pg 1)

Fractions equal to a half

Equivalent fractions: comparing (1)

Writing fractions in words or numbers

D Place value and Rounding

Place value (pg 1)

Rounding to the nearest 10

Half way between pg 1

Multiplying by 10 and 100 (pg 1)

E Negative Numbers

Order negative numbers pg 1

Place negative numbers on a number line (pg 1)

Place negative numbers on a number line (pg 2)

F Rules of  Divisibility

Divisible by 4 and 5

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