Maths worksheets: Count in steps of one. Y2

Maths worksheets: Count in steps of one.

countingHere we have some practice at filling in number lines using two digit numbers. Some of the numbers have already been written in. Notice that the number line has the lowest number at the bottom – and the numbers are completed in ascending order. It is interesting to watch how children do this; most will fill in from a number already there and prefer to count up rather than count down.
A superb practical experience is to play snakes and ladders which has all the ingredients of counting on and going back down the snakes. Large floor game boards are great! Make sure you count out loud when it is your go. Other dice board games are also excellent as counting practice.

2201-03 Count in steps of 1 (pg 3)

2201-04 Count in steps of 1 (pg 4)

Maths worksheets: Making lists. Y2

Maths worksheets: Year 2 Making lists

data 1Take every opportunity to make lists with your children. Making lists and organising data into different categories continues in year 2. One key aspect is to use numbers as the source of data and organise numbers according to their properties. For example numbers can be sorted into even and odd. Children should also be able to generate their own lists of cars, sweets, girls’ names etc. as well as helping parents with shopping lists, rotas, names for a birthday party etc. Be imaginative and use every opportunity to make lists!

2701-01 Making lists (pg 1)

2701-02 Making lists (pg 2)

Maths worksheets: Centimetres and metres. Y2

Maths worksheets: centimetres and metres

measure The key to measurement in the early years is to see it as a way of comparing. Year 2 children should continue to make comparisons, saying which is longer, shorter etc. Measuring using a ruler can be introduced in year 2 (5/6 years old), but make sure that a centimetre ruler is used and that when measuring a line start at the correct end ie. start at zero. Many children will ignore this to begin with. When measuring a length always estimate (have a guess first) eg “I think this line is about 10 cm long”. Continue reading “Maths worksheets: Centimetres and metres. Y2”

Maths worksheets: Adding numbers up to ten. Y2

Maths worksheets Quick recall of addition facts up to 10

Counting Adding numbers up to ten is expected by the end of year 2. These timed exercises can be used to help build this knowledge, but it must be stressed that children need constant repetition so that the answers become internalised – in other words, they know the answer rather than having to do any kind of ‘working out’. It is better to leave timed activities until children are fairly proficient as the pressure of answering correctly can lead to mistakes and a loss of confidence.

2301-01 Adding numbers to 10 (pg 1)

2301-02 Adding numbers to 10 (pg 2)

Maths worksheets: Describe 2D and 3D shapes. Y2

Describe 3D shapes, Describe 2D shapes

shape13D shapes are all around us. Use opportunities to discuss shapes as you come across them in everyday life at home. Just think – clocks, bath plug, holes in the road, fencing posts, pencils, DVDs, plenty of gardening ideas etc. Continue reading “Maths worksheets: Describe 2D and 3D shapes. Y2”

Maths worksheets: Making number stories-addition. Y2

Making number stories at home

It’s a great idea to encourage young children to see maths as a story. Similar to year 1 but with 2-digit numbers being added, usually in the teens. Again answers can usually be given orally, with children being as imaginative as they like with their story telling, as long as they keep to the correct maths.

Further examples can easily be created at home, either on paper or on a computer screen.

2101-01 Making number stories: addition (pg 1)

2101-02 Making number stories: addition (pg 2)

Maths worksheets: Addition of 2-digit and 1-digit numbers. Y2

Addition 2-digits and 1-digit (pg 1)

In year 2 children will continue to develop their understanding of addition, beginning to work with larger numbers, but keep them below 100. Indeed, quite a lot of children will not be ready for dealing with 2-digit numbers. Don’t introduce larger numbers until they are really confident with single digit addition.

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Free Y1 and Y2 maths worksheets: Counting on and back.

Counting on and back free resource

This is the very first of many free worksheets which will be available via this blog. We have exclusive rights to the worksheets which will soon be available as a small part of the site – opening later this summer.

These first four worksheets are aimed at year 1 and year 2 children aged about 4 to 6 years old. They are in pdf format and can be downloaded and printed for home use.

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