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Posted by Peter on 30th December 2007

Booster maths worksheet 1

They are all pages of questions of the kind found on the test papers, starting with some basic four rules questions.

Posted by Peter on 29th December 2007

Reception vocabulary: Read and write numbers to 20

The free maths worksheets below goes to the SECOND in a list of the words and phrases to do with counting that children will be expected to understand and use by the end of their Reception Year, according to the Primary Framework for Mathematics.

Posted by Peter on 23rd December 2007

Maths Puzzle: Well it is Christmas!

Christmas adding puzzle

Posted by Peter on 21st December 2007

Maths game: Count back in ones (Teddies)

A little maths game for helping with counting back from single digits.

Posted by Peter on 20th December 2007

Free Y3 maths worksheet: Make number stories: division

By Year 3 children should also be recognising sharing or division is the inverse of multiplication.

Posted by Peter on 18th December 2007

Free Y2 maths worksheet: Making number stories: division

This maths worksheet helps to show whether a child has understood division

Posted by Peter on 17th December 2007

Reception vocabulary: Read and write numbers to 10

zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

The following pages give some practice at reading and writing these words. Use the light grey letters to trace over and the lines to control the size of the letters.

Posted by Peter on 15th December 2007

Free Y6 maths worksheet: Revise understanding subtraction

High-quality direct teaching is oral, interactive and lively. It is not achieved by adopting a simplistic formula of ‘drill and practice’, or by expecting pupils to teach themselves from books.

Posted by Peter on 14th December 2007

Free Y5 maths worksheet: Revise understanding subtraction

Very similar to the Year 4 worksheet sent up yesterday. By now children should be checking answers by using the reverse operation as a matter of course. Unfortunately, like most of us they probably don’t! Encourage them to do this as it is far less likely to lead to errors if there is not a […]

Posted by Peter on 13th December 2007

Free Y4 maths worksheet: Understand subtraction and its relationship to addition

This free maths worksheet looks at the relationship between addition and subtraction, in particular, that subtraction is the inverse or opposite of addition. This gives us an excellent way to check answers. Look at 450 – 51. We can do the subtraction sum and then check by doing the same subtraction sum again. But there […]