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Posted by Peter on 13th September 2011

Year 5 Calculating

There is a great deal expected of children in year 5 when it comes to calculating. Mental methods of calculating with whole numbers are extended to include addition of three small numbers, knowing tables and multiplying by 25. Efficient written methods of addition and subtraction of both whole numbers and decimals is expected as well […]

Posted by Peter on 12th September 2011

KS2 Maths 2010 Paper A Questions 9

Question 9, which is worth one mark for a correct answer, is much more of a level 4 question for several reasons. It is a less straightforward question to answer as it is not immediately obvious what has to be done by just glancing at it. A further complication is that more information is given […]

Posted by Peter on 9th September 2011

Year 3 mental arithmetic: Sets 17 and 18

Continuing with our weekly sets of mental arithmetic questions for Year 3 children, this week we concentrate on fractions and division. Not as hard as it sounds! Many people these days think that as well as learning tables, children should learn their division facts. So they will know the 5 times table: 1 x 5 […]

Posted by Peter on 8th September 2011

Resource of the Week: Handling data wordsnake

This is known as a wordsnake, and is rather like a maze. Start at the arrow to find the first word, moving across or down, but not diagonally, rather like a snake. The word will not be in a straight line so might be quite tricky to find, although the first word (survey) has been […]

Posted by Peter on 7th September 2011

Year 2 Maths Worksheet: More missing numbers

The fourth, and probably last in a mini series of missing numbers on number grids. Each grid is part of a 1-100 number square with most of the numbers missing. The grid can be tackled in any order and it is interesting to see how confidently children approach this task. Some will be happiest by […]

Posted by Peter on 5th September 2011

Maths worksheet: Division of money

I have had several requests to produce another division of money worksheet as it seems this is quite hard and children need plenty of practice with it – so here it is. Dividing money by 2-digit numbers requires a very good knowledge of multiplication, tables and subtraction. The long division method can be found in […]

Posted by Peter on 2nd September 2011

KS2 Maths 2010 Paper A Questions 7 and 8

Two more questions from the KS2 Maths 2010 Paper A, with answers and suggested method of answering. The first question is a straightforward subtraction calculation. It is worth one mark and no extra marks are given for showing the working out. There are several ways of doing this: I would do it mentally by adding […]